My name is Alexander Elkholy. I am a multidisciplinary artist and photographer based in Seattle. My work is based on our emotional experiences and bringing to light what is hidden in our souls. While I base my work in photography, I incorporate multiple methods and techniques to convey a visceral, emotional experience.

In my life I've always felt isolated and alone. I craved connection and friendship, but I was never good at this. My temperament, ego and sensitivity only worked to sabotage myself. Being a better person and finding authentic connection is what I strive for every day. My art is a reflection of these volatile emotions and experiences. I base each piece on a story or emotion. From this I create the imagery, details, and look for the piece to convey to the viewer the story. I work almost entirely with models and photography. Often the concepts we develop together are very meaningful to the person I photograph. By working with people in this way, we can bring a unique and more personal aspect to the medium of photography. And we allow for a more personal and vulnerable connection.


For all inquiries, including modeling, sales, prints and commissions, email

Instagram: @alexanderelkholy


I retain copyright and am the sole author for all images/artwork presented. Unless otherwise explicitly agreed upon, please do not reproduce any images here.